How it works?

We truly believe that You are great negotiator; however, its easier to lower the price as a group. By joining our platform and spliting forces with tens of wholesalers across Europe, You will get access to unique deals, unable to get on Your own.

How do You think, what prices can we negotiate buying hundreds of kilos as a group?

Most of hemp farmers do not organize sales of small quantities. Big contractors buy the whole crop from them and sell to the smaller wholesalers.

We are changing rules, and give You opportunity to buy directly from producers. We have visited each vendor on the platform and negotiated unbeatable offer for our group members.

We have created new payment model, which secure Your money from scam traders. You will never risk loosing money, due to disapearing supplier or THC level manipulations anymore.

Read below what how can we help You to keep it safe.

Although You are buying directly from producer, goods available for group participants are stored in our common warehouse. We keep control over quality and THC level making numerous lab test of each batch.

In the moment You pay for order we already keep our hands on it, so You can be sure of supplier legitimacy.

Transportation is often a weak point of the hemp trading. Popular courier companies are full of transshipping centers, where police inspections are taking place.

We are ahead of the game providing direct delivery by our private vans, what decrease posibility of custom stop.

Being connected in a traiding group, we are important player for suppliers. Consequently, we have the power to assure best prices for our participants.

We have negotiated prices with vendors as low as its possible for them. You will nevet get lower on Your own, and we guerantee that.

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