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We help wholesalers to buy products in better price, directly from producers.

Safest marketplace In Europe

Directly from producers

You will work only with authentic farmers and laboratiories. Each vendor has been visited and verified by our team.

Safe transaction process

We take care about Your safety, so that You will never loose Your money due to unfair trader.

Private warehouse

Vendors keep products in our warehouse. We check quality, make lab tests and manage shipping operations.

Private transportation

Courier companies are not safe for hemp trading, due to police controls. Our private vans drive directly to Your location.

Test Your parcel

Even though we check THC of products in warehouse, we can make lab test of exact parcel just before shipping.

Best price guarantee

Being a part of our trading group, make You sure that You are making best deal possible.

Take a part in Cannabis Trade Group

As a participant of our organization You will receive notifications about time limited offers with unbeatable prices.

Blog and YouTube

We are creating reliable source of information about Hemp market. Weekly content is coming soon…

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